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The World Cannabis Foundation is an established agricultural research institution in California that is focused on conducting agricultural research with low-THC Cannabis sativa (hemp). The World Cannabis Foundation’s research center is located in Mendocino County, at a 24-acre property called Rainbow Valley Farm. High-THC, outdoor Cannabis cultivation is prevalent in Mendocino county and pollen produced by hemp can travel as far as five miles and damage crops of high-THC Cannabis. This places limits on the scope and breadth of hemp research that may be conducted at Rainbow Valley Farm.  

To exceed these limits and  expand the breadth of the research program, the World Cannabis Foundation has created Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to partner with farmers and institutions across California. Under the terms of this MOU, the WCF sublets a portion of land, at least 1/10th of an acre, from the farmer to create small experimental cultivation plots. These plots serve as “proof of concept” areas for new varieties and cultivation methods. In addition, the farmer may implement additional land holdings, equipment and farm personnel to conduct replications of WCF’s small-plot experiments at scale to verify the commercial feasibility of our research theses. 

Participants in our program set aside at least 1/10th of an acre of land to operate a satellite research station. The foundation sets and maintains clear standards for the composition, maintenance, cannabinoid testing and data collection from these research stations and the experiments that they conduct. 

The World Cannabis Foundation is dedicated to being a good stakeholder in the communities where we operate and the industry that we serve. As such, we require all participants in our program to provide a detailed map and GPS coordinates of all land they shall use for hemp cultivation in the program and provide notice to the County Ag. Commissioner’s office and local law enforcement regarding our research projects.

Data gathered from our satellite research stations are compiled by World Cannabis Foundation’s Principal Investigator and supporting personnel, which are then transcribed into written annual reports. With the participant’s prior written approval, the WCF reports are shared with all research program participants and later released to the public. The strategic vision for these trials is determined by the WCF’s Principal Investigator and Agronomy Advisory Committee.


Proposed experiments for 2019

Variety Trials


Hemp breeders have joined the pilot program to sponsor trials with new varieties developed for California. Click to see the template.

Biochar Amendment Trial


 Biochar is a soil amendment that has been demonstrated to sequester carbon in the soil and has been shown to increase soil microbiological activity. Click to view trial template.

Weed Control Trials


 Weed suppression is essential to reducing labor and preventing yield loss. Various types of paper, plastic and living (cover crop) mulch shall be trialed for effectiveness. Click to view trial template.

Deficit Irrigation Trials


 These experiments will use different treatments of deficit irrigation--as calculated by ETo percentages--to explore yield and potency sensitivity. Click to view trial template.

Planting Density Trials


 These trials shall explore the relationship between planting density, yield and hemp plant morphology. Click to view trial template.

Female Pollen Drift Trial


An experiment shall be conducted to track the extent of drift of pollen produced by sex-reversed female plants.

additional resources

Academic Resources


 Our pilot program is a farmer-first community that promotes collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and best practices to support the California Hemp Industry. We have compiled a database of hemp research and white papers to contribute to this knowledge base. See our academic resources.

Scientific Research Support


 The Hemp Research Network supports medical, clinical and materials science hemp research by connecting farmers with scientists to facilitate the exchange of hemp material such as flower, extracts, seeds or fiber produced with specific protocols at research farms. Contact us to inquire about materials.

Student Internships


 The World Cannabis Foundation provides opportunities to the next generation of farmers and scientists by employing local university and college students to gather experimental data. Click here to inquire about internship opportunities.

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